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About Sickkids
About SickKids

November 4, 2009

SickKids scientists recipients of Canadian Cancer Society Awards

Michael Taylor, CCSA recipient

On Nov. 16, Dr. Lillian Sung, Scientist in Child Health Evaluative Sciences and Dr. Michael D. Taylor, Scientist in the Developmental & Stem Cell Biology Program, will both be awarded the Canadian Cancer Society Awards of Excellence in Cancer Research.

“My research is focused on supportive cancer treatment for children with cancer,” says Sung. “I am working on trying to better understand, prevent and treat invasive infections that children undergoing chemotherapy treatment often experience.”

Lillian Sung, CCSA recipient

Sung will be presented the Canadian Cancer Society 2009 William E. Rawls Prize in recognition of her contributions as a young investigator leading to advances in cancer control within the past decade. Taylor will be presented the Canadian Cancer Society 2009 Young Investigator Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to basic biomedical research that has led to a better understanding of cancer, improved cancer treatments and new advancements in cancer control.

“My lab is primarily investigating the genetics and epigenetics of paediatric brain tumours, basically the cause of paediatric brain tumours,” says Taylor. “It’s actually a very exciting time to work in the field as there is so much rapid progress being made right now.”

A reception will follow the awards ceremony.