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About Sickkids
About SickKids

March 30, 2012

Service excellence is top of mind at SickKids

SickKids performs to a high standard of service and is committed to improving both the quality and consistency of its service. This year, SickKids’ service excellence strategy began rolling out across the organization, in support of the hospital’s strategic objective to “Lead in World-Class Quality and Service Excellence.”

Much more than regular customer service, service excellence builds a positive work environment that in turn improves health outcomes for children and provides an excellent experience for patients and families.

Expected behaviour of staff is clearly outlined in our Corporate Values, Code of Conduct, Values and Expectations, and the newly developed Service Excellence Standards of Behaviour. The documents complement each other, reinforcing how employees should treat each other, and how they should treat patients and families.

Service excellence is based on actionable and observable behaviours which will be understood and implemented by every member of SickKids staff. Guided by the principles of accountability, loyalty, confidentiality, respect, honesty & integrity, and safety, the Service Excellence Standards of Behaviour outline to staff behaviours they can apply in day-to-day interactions that will enhance how we treat patients, families and each other.

The Standards of Behaviour is just one component of our service excellence strategy, which is guided by evidence-based methodology created by the Studer Group. Rounding for outcomes, a purposeful, structured conversation between a leader and individual staff member, is another component. The conversation consists of four questions seeking actionable information. The result is more feedback to staff members, and more awareness among leaders of day-to-day operations. The third component, the Corporate Services Survey, will enable the many internal departments and services in the Corporate Services portfolio to identify their strengths, as well as opportunities for improvement, by surveying all staff on an annual basis.

A service excellence website for staff, online learning modules and workshops have been developed to improve understanding of service excellence and to train hospital leaders in specific service excellence strategies. Service excellence is being measured through patient and family feedback and surveys, the annual staff engagement survey and the Corporate Services Survey.