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About Sickkids
About SickKids

August 23, 2013

Canada’s first dream racer car arrives at SickKids

Pablo, 4, is so excited to be in the Dream Racer that he doesn’t bother to use the adjustable seat!
Pablo, 4, is so excited to be in the Dream Racer that he doesn’t bother to use the adjustable seat!

SickKids is the recipient of the first Children’s Dream Racer Car in Canada. The car has been designed with hospitalized children in mind, and was presented to SickKids on Aug. 23 by Let Your Light Shine Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission to support children and families in need.

Mark “Smitty” Smith, a retired NASCAR painter from North Carolina, is the creator of the Children’s Dream Racer. He designed the vehicle as a miniature race car that has space for a young patient’s oxygen tank or IV fluid bag in addition to standard racing vehicle features such as a window net, a racing seat and a roll cage. It also has a flat screen television connected to a Sony Playstation, allowing children to put their medical issues aside and simply play.

The presentation took place in Unit 4C’s playroom and featured Let Your Light Shine founders Mike Thomas, wife Renee and their daughter, Ashley, 11. Robert Roy of GreenWorks Tools and Brittany Straitton of Canadian Tire represented the car’s sponsors at the event which also attracted media and families eager to try out the Dream Racer. The car is valued at $9,500, which was paid by Green-Works with help from the sponsors.

The mission of Let Your Light Shine Inc. is to place a Children’s Dream Racer Car in every paediatric hospital in North America. To date, more than 30 cars have been placed and more are in production.

“Let Your Light Shine gives kids an opportunity to help other children, especially those who may have a chronic or life threatening illness,” said Thomas. “That’s why we are so thankful to companies like Green Works Tools and Canadian Tire. Their support gives children like Ashley the chance to make a difference in the lives of others by easing the pain and anxiety associated with paediatric patients’ health conditions through fun and play – the best medicine.”