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Ambulatory Clinics

ARMs Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I do not have Internet access in my office. Can I still refer a patient?

A. SickKids has transitioned to an enhanced referral system, eCHN e-Referral as of the fall 2012.  When possible, we ask all referrers to submit referrals electronically.  If you do not have Internet access, please send an email to arms.referral@sickkids.ca. An ARMs Administrator will contact you to discuss possible options that might be available to your office.  

Q.  How quickly does the clinic receive the referral from eCHN?

A.  There is no time delay in sending referrals to SickKids or obtaining a status update from the clinic to be displayed within eCHN’s e-Referral application.

Q.  Do I need to set up any applications on my computer by switching to eCHN?

A.  eCHN’s portal is private and web based.  All you need is internet access. 

Q. Assistants often complete the referral forms. Can they continue to do this?

A. Yes. Each staff member will receive his/her own eCHN account access.  Staff can delegate permissions to their administrative staff to complete and submit referrals on their behalf.  There are areas in the system where the form can be printed for you to provide the information or to review before submission.

Q. Do I need to view the referral guidelines before sending in a referral?

A. The referral guidelines provide you with information for the problem that you are referring to SickKids. They provide information regarding patient criteria, who may refer, what you can do or send to help the staff at SickKids in determining the appropriate care for the child, and, if the patient does not meet the criteria, what alternatives are available to you.

Q. How do I submit supporting documentation (i.e. ECG, CT Scan, etc.)?

A. You can fax or mail any required supporting documentation. Directions on how to do this, including the appropriate mailing address, can be found on the last page of the online referral form, entitled Referral Submitted - Attach Supporting Documentation.

Q. What do I do if a patient needs to be seen urgently (i.e. within 24 hours)?

A. Urgent referrals should be made to the appropriate clinic by phone.

Q. How will I know if my referral has been received?

A. For ARMs online or fax submissions; You will receive automated notification from the clinic to let you know when the referral has been received and is under review, whether your referral has been redirected and to whom, and when the patient has been booked for an appointment.  For eCHN e-Referral submissions; you may choose to be contacted via email or you can view the status of the referral through your eCHN account.

Q. If the system is down, whom do I contact if I need to refer a patient?

A. You can contact the clinic directly by phone or, if you have submitted a referral, it will be kept in queue for the clinic until the system is back up.

Q. I cannot access the external form. I have entered the correct username and password but I am continuously redirected back to the login page. What do I do?

A. You will need to enable the cookies on your computer.

 To enable cookies in Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on Tools --> Internet Options within Internet Explorer.
  2. Select the Privacy tab.
  3. Move slider to "Medium High" or lower.
  4. Click on OK.

Q. Where can I get a referral form to complete?

A. For more information, see our General referral guidelines page.

Q. What if I am not sure what clinic I need?

A. There is a search function that enables you to type in the problem. It will bring forward all the clinics that deal with that issue, and from there you can review the specific guidelines before proceeding.

Q. What kind of support is available for using eCHN?

A. eCHN's Help Desk is available from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Monday – Friday) at  (416) 813-7998 or through email: helpdesk@echn.ca. Manuals and video tutorials are available on the eCHN portal.