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Healthcare Professionals

CALIPER (Canadian Laboratory Initiative on Paediatric Reference Intervals) is a nation-wide, multi-centre collaborative project carried out by several children's hospitals across Canada. The goal of the CALIPER project is to use blood samples collected from healthy children between 0 and 18 years of age to establish a comprehensive database of normal reference values for a wide range of blood tests. Reference interval calculations take into account the influence of specific age, sex, ethnic, and physiological parameters (e.g. Tanner stage, BMI) on each analyte.

Currently, intervals for a number of common clinical chemistry analytes, immunoassays, and fertility hormones—partitioned according to age, sex, and selected ethnic groups—are available. As the CALIPER project continues to grow and develop, the database will be updated with new tests.

The online database is useful to both laboratory professionals and physicians as it provides immediate access to accurate reference intervals for over 170 blood tests used in paediatric diagnostic care. Follow the links below to the CALIPER online database and/or mobile app to find graphs and tables outlining reference intervals available to date.