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SickKids has a reputation as one of the leading paediatric healthcare centres in the world. The hospital strongly recognizes the value of “the gift of time” and sees its volunteers as vital to enhancing programs and services within the hospital. Volunteering with the project will give you the chance to participate in a world-leading, Canada-wide healthcare initiative and to see the impact of your commitment as you help to improve outcomes for children with medical concerns.

Volunteer Tasks

Volunteers are vital to the functioning of the CALIPER project and they assist in many of its day-to-day tasks. Currently, there are three general capacities in which volunteers contribute to the project:

  • CALIPER volunteers
    Clinic Days and Outreach Efforts: Clinic days involve travelling to schools or community centres and helping the team run events. Tasks may include things like set-up and take-down of materials, collection of questionnaires and distribution of gifts to participants. These events, along with other outreach efforts, offer excellent opportunities to enhance your experience working directly with children and families.
  • Office Support: While clinic days happen only once or twice a month, there is always something to be done in the office to prepare for an upcoming clinic or to wrap up after one. Readying collection materials, performing data entry, researching potential outreach opportunities, and helping to organize clinic supplies are just a few of the tasks  that our volunteers help with.

Most of all, we try to work with our volunteers to determine what unique skills they can bring to the project. If you have additional ideas for how to contribute to CALIPER, please get in touch.