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Developmental Paediatrics
Developmental Paediatrics

Awards 2004-2005

A double-blind randomized controlled trial comparing low dose versus high dose botulinum toxin A in the treatment of spasticity in the upper extremity of children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Fehlings D, Kawamura A, Campbell K. Physicians’ Services Incorporated Foundation ($43,393.36, 2002-05).

A fine balance: Patient safety and trainee education on clinical teaching teams. Kennedy TJT, Regehr G, Baker GR, Lingard LA. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($230,046, 2004-07).

Autism spectrum disorders: Pathways to better outcomes. Szatmari P, Bryson SE, Fombonne E, Zwaigenbaum L, Smith I, Waddell C, Vaillancourt T, Mirenda P, Roberts W, Volden J. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($2,125,415 2004-09).

Constraint therapy in children with hemiplegia: Evaluating the longevity of motor improvement. Fehlings D, Sutcliffe T. The Physicians’ Services Incorporated Foundation ($17,000, 2004-05).

Creating and evaluating a virtual geriatric curriculum for undergraduate medical education. Kirshen A, Marr S, Goldlist B, Rachlis A, Rosenfield J. Dean’s Excellence Fund ($15,000, 2004-05); Baycrest Foundation ($5,000, 2004-05); University of Toronto Department of Medicine ($5,000, 2004-05).

Developing a responsive behavioural outcome measure for autism research. Kagan-Kushnir T. Autism Society of Ontario Stimulus Grant ($3,000, 2004-05); Bloorview Children’s Hospital Foundation Seed Grant ($19,830, 2005-06).

Genetic epidemiology of autism: Family and molecular studies. Szatmari P, Bryson S, Goldberg J, Patterson A, Mahoney W, Merette C, Roberts W, Zwaigenbaum L, Scherer S. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($725,000, 2003-08).

Identifying early markers of autism: A prospective study of infant siblings. Zwaigenbaum L, Roberts SW, Smith I, Szatmari P, Bryson S. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($331,650, 2003-06).

Investigating the emergence of familial traits in autism. Zwaigenbaum L, Roberts W, Szatmari P, Brian J, Bryson S. National Alliancefor Autism ($120,000, 2003-05).

Investigation of genetic factors in ADHD. Barr C, Malone M. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($579,800, 2002-05).

Medical education in child development. Roberts W. The Hunter Foundation ($415,000, 1992-04).

MEG correlates of linguistic processing at and below the word level in autism. Roberts T, Roberts W, Flagg E, Oram J. National Allianceof Autism Research ($169,284, 2003-05).

Self-perception, behavioural attributions and perceptions of social relationships of adolescents with ADHD and LD. Weiner J, Malone M. Social Services & Humanities Research Council of Canada($143,877, 2005-08).

The investigation of genetic factors in ADHD. Barr C, Ickowicz A, Kennedy J, Malone M, Roberts W, Schachar R, Tannock R. Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($1,159,600, 2002-05).

Training program in autism research. Fombonne E, Paterson A, Scherer S, Roberts W, Smith I, Moore C. et al. Canadian Institutes of Health Research, National Alliance for Autism Research, Fonds de la Recherche en Sante du Quebec ($1,440,000, 2003-09).