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Diagnostic imaging
Diagnostic Imaging

Productivity of Past Neuroimaging Fellows


Research Day Presentations

Almuntashri M. Intermeatal distance and tumour size as predictors of mass effect by acoustic schwannomas on the brainstem. Presented at: University of Toronto Department of Medical Imaging Annual Research Day 2010; April 2010; Toronto, ON. 

Bejoy T. Assessment of cerebrovascular reactivity using real time BOLD MRI in children with Moyamoya disease: A feasibility study. Presented at: University of Toronto Department of Medical Imaging Annual Research Day 2010; April 2010; Toronto, ON. 

Geibprasert S. Alteration of human fetal subplate layer and intermediate zone during normal development on MR and diffusion tensor imaging. Presented at: University of Toronto Department of Medical Imaging Annual Research Day 2010; April 2010; Toronto, ON. 

Mandell D. Pre-operative cerebrovascular reactivity measured by CO2 BOLD MRI predicts the hemodynamic effect of surgical revascularization in patients with intracranial steno-occlusive disease. Presented at: University of Toronto Department of Medical Imaging Annual Research Day 2010; April 2010; Toronto, ON. 

Rempel J. Current advances in CT imaging of stroke. Presented at: University of Toronto Department of Medical Imaging Annual Research Day 2010; April 2010; Toronto, ON. 

RSNA Presentations

Miller E. T1 and T2 Maps as Surrogate Imaging Techniques for Physiologic Characterization of Cartilage Damage in a Rabbit Model of Hemophilic Arthropathy. Presented at: RSNA 2010; December 2010; Chicago, IL.


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