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Industry Partnerships and Commercialization
Industry Partnerships and Commercialization

Our team


Ihor Boszko, MSc, MBA - Executive Director
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416 813 8858



Ed Kenney, BSc, MBA - Senior Manager, Business Development
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With over 35 years of intellectual property and technology management experience, Ed contributes his expertise to a variety of commercialization activities within IP&C, including negotiating licensing contracts with industry.

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Heidi Falckh, BSc - Senior Project Manager
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Heidi Falckh is the senior project manager with over 15 years of experience helping staff at SickKids broaden the impact of research discoveries through commercialization.

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Konrad Powell-Jones, BSc - Commercialization Consultant
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Konrad is responsible for negotiating license agreements, research contracts and other related agreements. He applies his extensive pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience as a commercialization advisor to the team in various industry endeavours with internal and external partners.

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Susana Andres, BA - Business Development Officer
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Susana is a business development officer at SickKids with over seven years of experience in helping SickKids clinical, scientific and professional staff protect their ideas and research, and bring them to the market through commercialization.

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Sarah Farr, PhD – Business Development Officer
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Sarah’s role in the IP&C office is to perform thorough due diligence for many of the health-care inventions that are developed at SickKids. She performs patent and literature searches as well as market analysis to triage technologies and evaluate their commercial potential.

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Anny Song, BSc - IP Compliance & Analytics Officer
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Anny is responsible for a variety of aspects related to financial analysis, royalty monitoring and contract compliance, with a focus on reviewing and monitoring of the annual budget and monthly forecasting.

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Sean Reed, PhD – Business Development Liaison
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416-813-7654 x309572




Manuela Louisy – Administrative Assistant
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Manuela Louisy provides administrative support to the IP&C office and the Research Operations portfolio at the Research Institute.