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International Patient Program
International Patient Program

Next Steps

Making Financial Arrangements

Health care in Ontario and Canada is not free. Children and families are non-residents of Canada must pay for all treatment received at SickKids. All treatment provided at SickKids for international patients is paid for through private health insurance, self-pay or on the part of the family, via humanitarian funds or through a guarantee of payment by your government or embassy.

Once your child has been accepted at SickKids for:

  • An assessment
  • Medical or surgical care
  • A medical second opinion
  • A telehealth consultation

The International Patient Program will send you a latter with the proposed treatment plan for the SickKids specialist doctor with an estimate of the associated costs.

Once accepted for care (including treatment, consultation, assessment or surgery) at SickKids, you must make arrangements to pay the amount of your estimate in full before we can arrange any services, appointments or tests at SickKids.

Acceptable arrangements for payment include:

  1. A letter of guarantee from your insurance company, embassy or government for the full amount of the proposed treatment
  2. Full payment using a credit card or a bank draft in US funds

Once financial arrangements have been confirmed, SickKids will proceed with arranging appointments, tests and services as outlined in the treatment plan forwarded to you, and will contact you with the dates, times and location of the appointments.

Please Note: In the event that your child arrives at SickKids in a condition that is different from the condition originally described to the SickKids Expert team, and requires changes to the treatment plan or additional treatment, there will be additional costs associated with these changes. You will be given updated invoices that will include the new or additional costs and fees.

In addition, if the child experiences unexpected complications in the course of treatment while at SickKids, or an alternative course of treatment is recommended by SickKids' doctors that is considered to be medically necessary, there may be additional charges for the required/recommended services. You will be informed of this additional treatment, and an invoice for all additional costs will be sent for immediate payment or guarantee of payment.


Travelling to Canada: Visa Support

If you are coming to SickKids for treatment, you will need to apply for a Visitor's Visa from Immigration Canada. Information on the visa application process can be found at immigration Canada for visitors visa

The International Patient Program can provide you with a letter to support the Visa application for the child and one parent/guardian only. The letter will indicate that your child will be receiving treatment at SickKids for their condition, the estimated cost of the treatment, that payment has been made or guaranteed and the estimated duration of the treatment at SickKids.

Note: It is not the responsibility of the International Patient Program office to apply for a Visitor's Visa on your behalf. As well, the International Patient Program will not advocate on behalf of a patient's family who may be having difficulties or delays in obtaining their Visitor's Visa.