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Healthy Weight Program

The Healthy Weight Program

Making good nutrition and physical activity part of your everyday life has many benefits!   
The Healthy Weight Program encourages and offers practical advice to children and families as to how to incorporate good nutrition and regular physical activity in to their daily lives.  By taking definite, thoughtful and well planned steps towards health everyday, you will benefit from the long and short term rewards of your better choices!  A healthy lifestyle is beneficial for everyone and the Program teaches activity and nutrition management skills that are easy to follow. The program can be customized to suit your needs, whether you’re at an unhealthy weight, or simply want to become more observant and informed about the choices you make. In fact, the objective of the program is to learn healthy habits and develop overall wellness; it is NOT a weight loss diet or plan! The achievement and maintenance of a healthy weight will be reflected through these positive choices and habits as the program processes.     

Program guidelines    
A healthy weight can be achieved when daily food intake is balanced with regular physical activity. The success of the program relies on philosophy that developing these good habits now will benefit you in the short and long-term and will carry on in to adulthood.

How the program works
The program encourages healthy changes by allowing participants to take control of their health and plan their route to success! Participants set weekly physical activity and nutrition goals that they keep up while slowly introducing new goals each week. Drastic changes are hard to keep up with and maintain! The Program allows you to set small, specific goals you can accomplish and work at a pace where you have time to adjust to each new goal and its challenges before taking on new goals. As each week passes you’ll be closer to looking and feeling your best!  Worksheets and daily activity and nutrition logs are provided so you can gauge and track your progress from week to week and stay motivated.