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Simple Bone Cyst in Kids


You may not be familiar with some technical terms used on this website. Please see below for their definitions.

  • Co-investigator:
    doctor who assists the principal investigator with his responsibilities of overseeing a trial
  • Conflict of interest:
    a personal or financial motivation that can potentially influence trial conduct and/or its results
  • Consent:
    freely given confirmation (ie. signature) given by a patient and/or their family member to indicate their willingness to participate in a trial
  • Eligibility criteria:
    a list of characteristics that subjects in a trial must have to be considered for a trial
  • Institutional review board (IRB):
    an independent group who reviews, approves, and monitors all research in human subjects
  • Participating hospital:
    an affiliated hospital that is conducting the same trial under the same protocol
  • Principal investigator:
    doctor who oversees a trial and is responsible for the safety of all enrolled subjects
  • Research Ethics Board (REB):
    see institutional review board