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The SPARC lentiviral core facility provides production of small scale lentiviral stocks containing shRNA or cDNA for your gene(s) of interest, as well as lentiviral concentration, titrations and transductions. To ensure the compliance with biosafety containment required for lentiviral-based research, SPARC uses the Open Biosystems TransLenti™ Viral GPIZ Packaging System. The facility will construct individual lentiviral constructs from template cDNA in our set of lentiviral vectors or shRNA from our  extensive on-site pGIPZ human and mouse shRNA libraries.

Useful Information:

Multiplicity of Infection Calculation

Thumbnail of 293 Infection with GPFP

Lentivirus Titre Images

Validated Cell Lines: 

(more will be added as they are tested)

Thumbnail of GFP Expression in MDCK Infected Cells   Thumbnail of GFP Expression in Infected Skeletal Muscle Cells

Click on thumbnail to download images of infections