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Technology Assessment at SickKids

Ongoing projects

  1. Cost-effectiveness of whole genome sequencing in paediatric cardiomyopathy
  2. The cost-effectiveness of early anti-tumour necrosis factor therapy compared to standard care in children with Crohn’s disease
  3. The use of discrete event simulation to assess the cost-effectiveness of alternative genome-based diagnostic strategies in autism spectrum disorder
  4. Cost-effectiveness of alternative clinical screening and assessment approaches in autism spectrum disorder
  5. Partnership with the Centre for Genetic Medicine to conduct health technology assessment in genomics, including ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social impacts (GE3LS)
  6. Intervention models for preschoolers with autistic spectrum disorders: A population-based comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness study
  7. Cost item identification, measurement and valuation of whole genome sequencing compared to clinical microarray based in a centralized paediatric Genome Clinic
  8. GeneMed: A program of paediatric pharmacogenomics medicine to evaluate existing evidence and produce new knowledge on genetic testing for prevention of drug side effects in children
  9. Health technology assessment of personalized disease management strategies in paediatric inflammatory bowel disease
  10. Genetic counsellors’ preferences for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis: A discrete choice experiment