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Zadeh Lab

Zadeh Lab Members

Dr. Gelareh Zadeh, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator
Research Scientist, University Health Network (UNH)
Scientist at Brain Tumour Research Centre, SickKids Hospital
Neurosurgeon, Toronto Western Hospital

Research Staff

Kelly Burrell  M.Sc.
Lab Manager
Expertise: In vivo imaging, mouse models of Glioblastoma

Sanjay K. Singh, PhD 
Research Associate
Expertise: miRNA networks, biochemical assays

Takyee Tung, B.Sc. (hons) 
Canadian Virtual Brain Tumour Bank Coordinator

Krisanne Rego 
Research Technician 

Shahrzad Jalali, PhD
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Expertise:  MRI Biomarkers, Anti-Angiogenic Therapies,
Molecular mechanisms of tumor growth and invasion

Sameer Agnihotri, PhD 
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Graduate Students

Alenoush Vartanian 
Masters Student

Eric Monsalves 
Masters Student

Visiting Research Fellows

Felipe Carvalho, MD, PhD
Visiting Neurosurgeon from Brazil

George Klironomos, MD, PhD  
Visiting Neurosurgeon from Greece