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SickKids International

Our Services



Identifying gaps and providing sustainable solutions

SickKids International provides short-term, systematic and highly detailed evaluations of current client practices as they might impact on the successful achievement of intended future objectives. Performed by SickKids experts, our assessments can assist in the identification of organizational gaps and highlight opportunities for improvement and change.

Our expert advisory group offers the following services:

  • Detailed analysis of the current state
  • Detailed review of planned strategic objectives
  • In-depth interviews with all key stakeholders, including:
    • External: Government, regulatory bodies, academia, partner organizations
    • Internal: Board, senior executives and management, department management and staff, internal partners
  • Development of a summary report of findings, with recommendations as to possible options and suggested best practices
  • Positioning of SickKids expertise to assist and support in the development and implementation of proposed action plans
New Hospital Commissioning

Building world-class facilities

Leading paediatric hospitals optimize the quality and efficiency of their services through a highly developed physical and electronic infrastructure. At SickKids, we strive to create an environment that serves both our patients’ medical requirements and the unique needs of each family.

Our expert advisory group offers the following services:

  • Identifying local needs
  • Conducting facility design assessments
  • Developing recommendations for hospital design and for the selection and procurement of equipment and information technology
  • Establishing timelines for implementation and cost-effective protocols

Building capacity within organizations

Drawing upon the fundamentals of SickKids’ globally recognized best practices, our SickKids International experts can provide organizations with options to help address identified gaps and to meet future goals, while also ensuring sustainability and self-sufficiency of all proposed change strategies through knowledge transfer and capacity                               building.

Our expert advisory group offers the following services:

  • Strategy: identification and/or development of strategic plans, models and concepts geared to supporting client organization’s development and goals
  • Planning and Execution: long-term perspective that considers emerging trends in health care delivery, education, and changing technology from a global perspective; and shifting demographics and needs locally
  • Leadership and People: identify leadership development and education programs, customizable to current and future needs
  • Quality and Performance: benchmarking against top-tier standards, development of KPI/measures, with possibility to support international accreditation requirements
  • Innovation: facilitate new insights into thinking and applying clinical care practices
Clinical Care

Improving the quality and delivery of clinical programs

Effective clinical services require thoughtful planning, systematic implementation and rigorous evaluation. SickKids’ clinical programs are inter-professional and integrate research, education and clinical care to ensure innovation, quality and efficiency in the delivery of patient services.

Our expert advisory group offers the following services:

  • Assessing current clinical offerings
  • Defining areas of expertise that meet the needs of the local population
  • Designing and implementing programs to address gaps in service delivery
  • Incorporating best practices to enhance clinical program management and the improvement of workflow processes

Developing research capabilities worldwide

Research is vital to improving health outcomes in today’s rapidly evolving health-care environment. The SickKids Research Institute has been a global leader in paediatric health research for more than five decades, contributing to ground-breaking discoveries in our fundamental understanding of human biology, as well as in clinical, population and                               outcomes focused research.

Our expert advisory group offers the following services:

  • Identifying research priorities based on a review of clinical and societal priorities
  • Developing the capacity for research through training
  • Establishing an infrastructure to support world-class research
Program Development

Building Operational Excellence

With expertise in all aspects of paediatric healthcare operations, SickKids can help partners build clinical programs and services within their local organization that support the creation of a culture of accountability, evidence-based decision-making, continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Our expert advisory group offers the following services:

  • Advice on implementation of global best practices, internatinoal standards and evidence-based frameworks
  • Integrated human resource planning, recruitment and retention
  • Commissioning support including operational implementation, leadership, staff development, change management and other key "start up" preparations
  • Advice coaching for hospital operations management teams

Sharing knowledge and experience

As one of the largest and most advanced child-health focused academic health sciences centres in the world, SickKids understands the direct correlation between effective education and the delivery of quality health care. The SickKids Learning Institute is committed to developing innovative ways of evaluating and enhancing education delivery.

Our expert advisory group offers the following services:

  • Evaluating education practices
  • Identifying opportunities for paediatric curriculum design, development and delivery
  • Improving educational effectiveness throughout an organization and across all areas of paediatric health care