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Garron Family Cancer Centre

PERCC Projects

India Country of Chile Uganda
India Country of Chile Uganda


Tata – PERCC is currently collaborating with oncologists at Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai, India. TMC is one of the largest cancer hospitals in the world, seeing 30,000 new patients a year, 1800 of which are under the age of 15. Together with TMC leaders like Dr. Brijesh Arora, we are piloting a study looking at the cost and cost-effectiveness of treatment for childhood Hodgkin lymphoma and Wilms tumour. The results will inform advocacy efforts both at TMC as well as at the international level, and will lead to studies of other pediatric cancers.


Burkitt project: PERCC has partnered with an international team of collaborators at the Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala, Uganda, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, to evaluate a comprehensive treatment program for childhood Burkitt lymphoma. PERCC is leading the economic evaluation of the program, which will provide some of the first detailed data on the cost-effectiveness of treating pediatric cancer in a low-income country setting. Results of this work will aid both institutional and national priority setting, and will contribute policy-relevant knowledge on childhood cancer treatment in diverse health system contexts.  


Policy – One of the outputs of our successful Forum on National Childhood Cancer Strategies in Latin America in 2015 is a collaboration between PERCC, the Union for the International Control of Cancer, Childhood Cancer International, and the Foundation Nuestros Hijos in Chile to conduct a mapping exercise of how childhood cancer is delivered, financed, and governed across Latin America. This will allow successful models to be showcased, and provide a baseline informing future childhood cancer policy efforts across the region.

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