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Paediatric Laboratory Medicine

Growth Hormone, Blood

Clinical Significance

FSH is secreted by the anterior pituitary under the control of hypothalamic gonadotrophin releasing hormone.

The function of FSH in both males and females is to facilitate the development and maintenance of the gonadal tissues. These tissues synthesize and secrete steroid hormones, which in turn control FSH concentrations by negative feedback. At menopause, ovarian function and steroid secretion cease, causing FSH concentrations to rise due to a lack of negative  feedback control. FSH concentrations are similarly raised in women of pre-menopausal age who suffer ovarian failure, or whose ovaries failed to mature during puberty. Elevated FSH concentrations are found in males when the testes have failed to develop to functional maturity, or, in cases of infertility due to primary testicular failure.

Test Name

Growth Hormone, Blood

Test Code



Biochemistry - Biochemistry



External Proficiency Testing


Turn Around Time

No reference range for random GH sample

Specimen Type

Serum, Plasma

Minimum Specimen Requirements

250 uL



Approval is not required

CPT Codes


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