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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Values and Expectations

You are important to us and we remain committed to supporting you as a patient or family member. You have shared with SickKids the following values and expectations that are most important to you.

What you value and what you expect from us at SickKids:

At SickKids, we value the knowledge you share with us. We take the choices and decisions you make very seriously. We protect your privacy. We are courteous and respectful. We are sensitive and responsive to your beliefs, culture and background.

At SickKids, we treat you as a whole person. We provide comfort and care to support your physical, social, emotional, learning, and developmental needs.

At SickKids, we take the time to listen to you. We respond thoughtfully to your concerns. We explain information fully and clearly so you can make informed choices. We take into account your language and special communication needs.

At SickKids, we strive to provide high-quality, safe, child and family-centred care. We engage you as a partner in care. We use publicly funded resources appropriately and effectively.

At SickKids, we work creatively to accommodate your needs. We try to prevent changes to your schedule and appointments and we provide an explanation if changes occur.

At SickKids, we identify the members of your health-care team for you and how they are involved in your care. We provide you with access to your health record. We tell you in advance if you have to pay for any expenses.

What we at SickKids value and what we expect from you:

At SickKids, you continue to provide comfort and support as a family in the special ways that only families can. You strive to attend your appointments and you inform us of any changes to your schedule. You listen openly to the information provided by your health-care team.

Speaking up
At SickKids, you ask questions when you do not understand. You share your concerns with us. You let us know how we can improve the quality of care at SickKids.

At SickKids, you treat staff, volunteers, other patients, and families with understanding and dignity. You follow hospital rules and you treat hospital property with care.

At SickKids you try to be flexible and understand that not all answers can be provided right away. You acknowledge the important role that SickKids has in research and education. You help contribute to the experiences of students and learners.