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Feedback Survey

Your feedback is the single best way to help us improve our services.

You will be able to access the Sorting Feedback Survey through our online reservation portal and from within sorting appointment confirmation emails.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Online booking

Scheduling new reservations

Select the appropriate instrument schedule calendarscreen shot from the pull-down menu at the top of the "Bookings" calendar view. As you move the mouse pointer over the blocks, the active block is indicated in green. To make a reservation, you can either click on the name of the desired instrument on a particular date, or you can double-click when the pointer is over your desired start time in that instrument's row. Both of these actions will open up a new, smaller window (see below).


"Biosafety" tab: It is mandatory to fill in all biosafety information requested on this page.

"Booking" tab: Use the pull-down menus to set the start and end times for your session. You must contact FMCF staff to book an operated assisted acquisition or training appointment (see Services). For sorting appointments you must list fluorochromes/dyes used.

In the "Additional info/comments" field it is imperative that you enter the specific needs for your sort appointment (e.g. nozzle size, sterile sort, 96-well single cell plate deposition, # of samples etc.) so that the operator can set aside enough time to set up your sort.

The reminder box to the right will instruct the scheduling system to send the owner an email to remind them of their reservation. By selecting the appropriate time 'before reservation' from the pull-down menu, the user is able to adjust when the reminder email will be sent.

REMINDER:You must include a minimum of 15 minutes of set-up time plus 15 minutes of cleaning.

Note that your booking must conform to FMCF policy with respect to maximum advance time, minimum appointment time, and minimum cancellation notice. FMCF booking policies are outlined on our "Booking and policies page." If the time you requested is already booked or does not conform to the booking policy for that resource, you will get a message saying why the booking was not made. You will have the option to modify the times to conform to policy or to cancel the new reservation.