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Beckman Coulter cell sorters

MoFlo Astrios, VBYR

MoFlo Astrios
MoFlo Astrios
MoFlo Astrios
MoFlo Astrios
MoFlo Astrios
Name MoFlo Astrios, VBYR
Location PGCRL Room 18-9430
Restricted use FMCF staff operated only
Lasers 405 nm Violet (50 mW)
488 nm Blue (200 mW)
561 nm Yellow/Green (150 mW)
642 nm Red (100 mW)
# of colours 17 colours (5V/6B+SSC/3Y/3R)
Biosafety cabinet Yes
Default configuration "New Advanced configuration"

"New Advanced Configuration" (default)

DSP BP/LP Fluorochromes
405nm, 50mW, Violet
FL7 Mirror 448/59 Pacific Blue
FL8 495 LP 546/20 Amcyan
FL9 595 LP 614/20 BV605
FL10 681 LP 664/20 BV650
FL11 Mirror 710/45 BV711
488nm, 200mW, Blue
Detector - 488/10 SSC
FL1 495 526/52 FITC
FL2 558 576/21 PE
FL3 595 LP 620/29 PE-Texas Red
FL4 681 LP 664/20 PE-Cy5
FL5 745 710/45 PerCP-Cy5.5
FL6 - 795/70 PE-Cy7
561nm, 150mW, Yellow
FL12 567 LP 579/16 DsRed, tdTomato, TurboRFP
FL13 - 614/20 mCherry
FL14 642 LP 692/75 PE-Cy5.5
642nm, 100mW, Red
FL15 650 671/30 APC
FL16 695 LP 722/44 Alexa Fluor 700
FL17 755 LP 795/70 APC-Cy7
The "Advanced Configuration" is the default cytometer configuration and was designed for a specific set of commonly used fluorochromes in which all detectors are used simultaneously. Filters in this configuration may not be optimal for your fluorochrome combination. Additional filters are available.