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Childhood CNS Vasculitis and Inflammatory Brain Diseases


This website provides information about Childhood Central Nervous System (CNS) Vasculitis and other inflammatory diseases of the brain and spinal cord. It summarizes the currently available knowledge for children, their families and health care providers.


CNS Vasculitis in Children

Childhood Inflammatory Brain Diseases (IBrainD)

Childhood inflammatory brain diseases represent a newly recognized group of illnesses, in which the child's immune system gets activated and causes inflammation targeting brain and/or spinal cord structures. Previously healthy children develop devastating brain irritation, clinically leading to seizures, strokes or psychiatric symptoms. See more information about childhood IBrainD.

Childhood CNS Vasculitis

One of the most common inflammatory brain diseases in children is CNS vasculitis, in which the child's immune system attacks the blood vessels of the brain and/or spinal cord, leading to irritation of the vessel walls and surrounding tissue. Vessel wall swelling may also decrease the blood supply to the brain tissue. Early recognition and treatment of  CNS vasculitis is crucial. See more information about childhood CNS vasculitis.


Clinical Care

Clinical Care

Dramatic progress has been made in our ability to diagnose, treat and monitor children with CNS vasculitis and other IBrainD. For suggested diagnostic algorithms, access to specific tests, support with interpretation of test results, access to treatment protocols, specific monitoring tools and outcome measures, see more information about clinical care.






BrainWorks Research

Clinical and Translational Research

Doctors caring for children with inflammatory brain diseases around the world have built a network teaming up with leading researchers to advance the care and improve the outcome of all affected children. This network is called BrainWorks. It will enable us to understanding disease mechanisms, identify best treatment choices and prevent brain injury.  See more information about BrainWorks study.

 You can also contact us at brainworksstudyAB@gmail.com 




BrainWorks map

"Access to Care" Map

Excellent care for children with CNS vasculitis and other inflammatory brain diseases is provided by physicians at many centers around the world. If you are searching for a physician near you, see more information about access to care.






BrainWorks Family

Resources for Families

Health care teams and experienced families have joined at many places to build freely available educational resources, have founded accessible communication networks and published personal stories to help and support others. See more information about resources for families.