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How to Find Resources for Families?


AboutKidsHealth.ca is a website developed by SickKids to provide accessible paediatric healthcare information to families in several languages. Many pages on the site are devoted to CNS vasculitis. Please visit AboutKidsHealth to learn about CNS vasculitis, how to cope with the disease, lifestyle changes the patient should expect, treatment, and tips from families of patients that have had CNS vasculitis. 

Family Resources


The CanVasc group's objectives are to:

  1. Organize a dedicated health and research network with identification of referral (multidisciplinary) centers across Canada for patients with vasculitis.
  2. Initiate, conduct, and promote studies (from CanVasc, VCRC or other vasculitis research groups) on vasculitides across Canada (epidemiological, observational, fundamental and, ultimately, therapeutic studies), using an efficient, established and rapidly mobilizable network.
  3. Develop educational and awareness programs for health care providers (training sessions, fellowship, annual meeting…).
  4. Stand as the Canadian referral group to identify needs in vasculitis and consider new drug approvals for vasculitis in Canada (advisory group).

Please visit the CanVasc website to learn more about systemic vasculitis, this Canadian research network and how physicians and family involved in the care of patients with vasculitides can participate in studies to improve their outcomes.

Access to Care

How To Find A Doctor Near Me section of this website allows you to search for a doctor in your country of residence who has experience in treating CNS vasculitis patients or is involved with the BrainWorks Study. This may provide information about a doctor or specialist near you who may be able to help treat your child.

Additional Links


For recent publications on CNS vasculitis and inflammatory brain diseases, visit our references page.