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Drugs and Breastfeeding

Research Components for Healthy Breastfeeding Mothers
(Control Group)

Participation of healthy breastfeeding mothers is an important aspect of our study. We need to compare the study findings from the control group and the women with IBD to come up with meaningful results.

Participation in this study entails four research visits, each lasting about one hour. The specifics of each research visit is shown in the table below:

Study visits

Who is involved



What happens

Visit 1


Between 2-10 weeks postpartum,

Morning hours

Home visit by the study coordinator

a) One milk sample will be collected (5-10ml)

b) Mother will be asked to fill out a questionnaire

Visit 2

Between 11 weeks-6 months postpartum, morning hours

Home visit by the study coordinator

Visit 3


12 months old


Child will be evaluated for learning and memory function by a psychometrist, using a standardized test.

Visit 4

18 months old


Participants will receive the memory evaluation results of the participating infant, and a gift card in appreciation of their time and effort. We will also reimburse participant parking or transportation expenses to the hospital. 

Please contact the study coordinator, if you are interested in participating in this research study.