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Simple Bone Cyst in Kids

Information for Staff

A password protected Sharepoint website will serve as a central repository for trial documents and information. Accounts will be provided by the Central Coordinating Centre (CCC) to research staff who require access to the website.

The website content will be updated by the CCC throughout the trial. Users may access, view and/or download trial materials at their convenience. Institution specific documents will also be uploaded but access will be restricted to staff working at that site. In addition, users may find some other useful tools on the website including:

  • An Announcement Board to stay informed of trial news and progress
  • Group and Institution Specific Calendars to set up reminders for upcoming deadlines and participant visits
  • A Discussion Board to exchange ideas and comments with other SBoCK staff
  • Various Training Tools for new and current staff

Please contact any Central Coordinating Centre team member with any questions related to the SBoCK trial.

Sarah McGaughey, Trial Coordinator 
416-813-7654 ext. 228731

Anirudh Kumar,  Trial Manager
416-813-7654 ext. 203156