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Simple Bone Cyst in Kids

Funding and Conflict of Interest


The funding for this trial came from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR). The chair of this study is Dr. James G. Wright. The sponsors are Dr. Sevan Hopyan and The Hospital for Sick Children.

CIHR is an independent body created by the Government of Canada to manage their investments in health related research activities. Their mission is to support researchers in making new discoveries that will improve the health and care for all Canadians.

Funds are awarded through an open competition that is held each year. Researchers spend months preparing detailed proposals about their project and submit them to CIHR for consideration. Only very few of the top ranked proposals will actually receive funding.

Conflict of Interest

The research team has no conflict of interest to declare. The research team at each participating site will receive some money to help with the costs associated with the conduct this trial.