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Simple Bone Cyst in Kids

Benefits and Risks


Subjects may not receive any direct benefits as a result of their participation. Treatments in this trial may help improve healing and quality of life, or lessen symptoms such as pain, that are caused by the cyst. The results of this trial will be made available to subjects upon completion.


The research team is not aware of any harm that taking part in this study can cause subjects; however, there may be some effects that we do not yet know about.

The minor risks associated with the treatment of bone cyst (including the use of anesthesia) are:

  • Infection
  • Fracture
  • Disturbance of growth

The complications which are rarely associated with the use of Vitoss morsels in the treatment of simple bone cysts, particularly in those that do not heal, are:

  • Superficial wound infection (infection on or just below the skin surface)
  • Deep wound infection (infection deep within tissue, such as muscle)
  • Deep wound infection with osteomyelitis (infection of bone or bone marrow)
  • Non-union or delayed union (bone does not heal or takes longer to heal than normal)
  • Wound dehiscence (wound reopening)
  • Re-fracture (bone breaks after treatment)
  • Cyst recurrence (cyst returns after treatment)
  • Hematoma (blood collection in tissue, such as muscle)

X-rays are necessary for the routine assessment of bone cysts. The risks associated with X-rays are:

  • Exposure to radiation
  • Possibility of unexpected or incidental findings

The amount of radiation subjects will be exposed to is within the range that surgeons consider acceptable for diagnostic and monitoring testing. Subjects will be shielded as much as possible during X-rays. In cases of new findings, subjects and/or their families will be notified and will have the opportunity to discuss them with their surgeon.