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Simple Bone Cyst in Kids

Research Procedures

After patients (or their parents) give their written consent to participate, they will be randomized to receive one of two trial treatments. Randomization means that treatment is determined by chance, like flipping a coin. Patients will not know and cannot select the treatment assigned to them.

In addition, the following procedures will be performed after consent is given:

  • We will review subjects’ medical, surgical and treatment history
  • We will record subjects’ age and gender
  • We will take X-rays (front and side) of the bone cyst site
  • Subjects will answer questions about their daily activities, feelings towards their SBC, and pain level
  • We will perform a pregnancy test as per our standard of care for females of child bearing potential prior to each treatment
  • We will treat subjects using the treatment to which they were randomly assigned
  • Finally, we will monitor subjects for 2 years after treatment at hospital visits and by telephone

Subjects will also be monitored for side effects through telephone calls one, six and 18 months after first treatment. Subjects are encouraged to contact the research team outside of these time points to report any other side effects experienced.