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Zebrafish Core Facility

Zebrafish Core Facility

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Services and Pricing

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Mutant Generation:

Generation of chimeric F0 mutants

  • SickKids: $3500
  • Non-SickKids Academic: $3900
  • Non-Academic: $4700

Add-on services

  • Raising and Identifying F1 mutants:
    • Academic: $1500
    • Non-Academic: $1800
  • Phenotyping F2 via morphology:
    • Academic: $550
    • Non-Academic: $660

SickKids Partnership Plans – available upon request

Husbandry Services: $10/month per 1.8L tank (8-12 fish)    $30/month per 6L tank (30-40 fish)        

    Husbandry services includes feeding, tank cleaning, raising embryos, and tracking health. 

    Tank sizes will be determined by space available, number of fish per line and frequency of mating.

    Average husbandry costs per month for one mutant line are $80-$120.

Nursery Services: $125 per line

    Nursery services include mating fish, collecting embryos, placing embryos in nursery, and tracking the first month.

Mating fish: $50/up to 10 pairs, $75 10-20 pairs, $100 20-30 pairs

    Mating fish includes setting up mating pairs, collecting embryos, and putting fish away.

    On average 10 pairs of fish will lay hundreds of embryos.

Tailclipping: $115 up to 16 tails, $200 16-32 tails, $290 32-48 tails

    Tailclipping is a fast way to identify mutant fish. 

    This service includes clipping tails, extracting DNA, maintaining fish until genotyping is complete and putting fish away.

    Client is required to complete the genotyping PCR within a week of tailclipping.

Plating embryos: $75 per plate

   This service includes putting individual embryos into 96-well plates containing lysis buffer and extracting DNA. 

Injections: $150 for injection of up to 3 different constructs/concentrations. 

    This service includes setting up fish, collecting embryos, injecting constructs, sorting embryos and putting fish away. 

  • Additional services are available - Pricing to be determined. Please inquire.
  • Examples:
    • Genotyping
    • Detailed phenotyping

Custom Projects - Pricing to be determined. Please inquire.

We are happy to discuss any zebrafish projects you would like to pursue. With our expertise and infrastructure we are able to provide any service you need to complete your zebrafish project.


  • Transgenesis
  • RNA localization
  • Protein localization
  • Overexpression assays
  • Drug screening
  • Morpholino analysis