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Clubfoot Clinic

About us

The Clubfoot Clinic provides treatment and management for children born with talipes equinovarus, a condition known as clubfoot. The clinic operates as a specialty outpatient clinic within the Orthopaedic Surgery Division.  Clinic days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Visit the Division of Orthopedics Clubfoot Program page for more information about stages of treatment, cast care at home and more.

Contact us

Call 416-813-5840 for appointment booking, cancellation or changes, Monday to Friday.  When leaving a message, please state your child’s name, spell the last name & date of birth, and specify the patient's surgeon.

For concerns about casts, please call the orthopaedic technologists at 416-813-5785 Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Please leave us a detailed voicemail and we will return your call as soon as possible.
For concerns about casts after hours (5 p.m.), call the central locating system at 416 813 1500, option 5, and ask for the orthopaedic resident on call.

Clinic/registration location

The Clubfoot Clinic is located within the Orthopaedic Clinic on the Main Floor of the Hill Wing (Gerrard Street), near Tim Hortons. Clinic registration is through the hallway between the Hill Wing elevators.

If you are using the underground parking, please take the elevator to the Main Floor. Entrance to the Orthopedic Clinic is through automated double doors next to Starbucks: Go through these doors, follow the signs and footprints down the hallway to the clinic.

We ask that you have your child’s health card ready for every appointment, as well as the contact information for your family doctor or paediatrician.

When visiting SickKids an identification (ID) band will be placed on your child and must be worn on their arm or ankle at all times. To ensure your child is receiving the right care during their stay, the care team will use the ID band to check their name, date of birth and medical record number. If your child is sleeping, we’ll make sure to scan the ID band quickly and quietly so that we don’t disturb your child.  

The ID band is made of soft, latex-free material. There are two colours of ID bands: a black ID band indicates that your child has an allergy and a white ID band indicates there is no allergy. The allergy is not printed on the ID band, the care team will review the allergy in our electronic health record.

If your child’s ID band has fallen off or the information is incorrect, be sure to tell your care team. If they are not wearing an ID band or if they have the wrong one, it can lead to errors or delays that can result in the wrong care for your child.

Staff will always look at or scan the ID band before providing care to your child. This may involve

  • Asking parents or patients for two patient identifiers, such as the patient's full name and date of birth;
  • Scanning a barcode on the ID band to confirm the patient’s identity; or
  • Looking at the information on the ID band.

If you or your child are sick before your appointment

Call the clinic if you or your child have had a cold, cough, diarrhea, fever or rash within two days of your appointment, or have been sick with or exposed to chicken pox in the last three weeks. Your appointment may need to be rescheduled. 

Tell the clerk, nurse or doctor if your child has been in a hospital outside of Canada within the last 12 months. 

If you cannot come to your child’s appointment, it is important that you call the clinic as soon as possible to cancel and reschedule.

Be on time

Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment in the Clubfoot Clinic. If you are expecting to breast feed your child or removing a cast as instructed, arriving 20 to 30 minutes earlier will be helpful.

If you are late, you may have to wait for other patients to be seen first. Allow lots of time to get to the hospital. It can take some time to get used to finding your way around and it is important to be on time for your child’s appointment. Staff will try to see your child as close to your appointment time as possible. Please understand that some patients being seen ahead of you may need more time than expected, and this can cause delay for others.

Bring the following

  • You must show valid health-care coverage at every visit. If you do not, you will be required to pay a fee for the visit, unless coverage or insurance can be verified.

Proof of health-care coverage must be valid at the time of visit (not expired).

    • If you live in Ontario, show your child’s valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card.
    • If you live in another province, show your child’s provincial health-care card.
    • If you are a refugee claimant, show your child’s Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) certificate.
    • If you have private health insurance, show the appropriate information or documentation.
    • If you are receiving support from a Community Health Centre (CHC), show a letter from the CHC.
  • Your appointment card or letter
  • Toys, books, nut-free snacks, diapers and formula to keep your child comfortable and occupied in case there is a wait
  • Any medical information, such as referral letters, test results, information about current therapies, X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds or CT scans
  • All medications your child is currently taking (in original packaging), including alternative and complementary treatments
  • If you are separated or divorced, bring along any legal papers that show who has custody of your child and who can make decisions about your child’s care. For more information, see protocol for separated families: roles, expectations and documentation required with respect to custody and access.
  • If your child is wearing long pants or skirt, please bring a pair of shorts for your child to wear during examination.

OHIP will cover most of the costs associated with your child’s care. However, some equipment or materials for casting or bracing may be required that are not covered under OHIP.  If your child does receive any of these items or materials as part of their care, these costs will be explained to you, and you will be asked to provide payment.

Try not to bring other children to the appointment

If other children must come, please consider taking them to the PlayPark during your visit. It is located on the Main Floor of the Atrium, next to the parking elevators. All children over 2 ½ years of age are welcome. Trained staff and volunteers will watch your children carefully. You do not need to book in advance to use the PlayPark. The PlayPark number is 416-813-8884.

Latex allergy

Call the clinic before coming to the hospital if you, your child or anyone coming with them has a known or suspected allergy to latex.


All visitor entrances on the Main Floor are wheelchair accessible. SickKids has several wheelchair-accessible washrooms on the Main Floor and gender-neutral washrooms throughout the hospital. Both male and female washrooms in the Atrium have large change tables where children and teens can have diapers changed. There is another private wheelchair-accessible washroom with a large change table on the Service Floor of the Black Wing in Room S213, across the hall from Rehabilitation Services. Wheelchairs are available near the Atrium and University Avenue entrances.

Assistance dogs for children, parents or caregivers with disabilities are allowed at SickKids. Please make sure they are clean and have up-to-date immunizations.

Interpreter Services

If you require our free Interpreter Services, please call the clinic before your appointment so we can arrange for a interpreter. Please give us at least 24 to 48 hours' notice to make it easier for us to find an interpreter for you.

What to expect during your visit

On your child’s first visit to the Clubfoot Clinic, they will first be seen by an orthopaedic surgeon. When your child’s name is called, you will be directed to an examination room. Here your child may first be assessed by surgical resident or fellow prior to seeing the staff surgeon. Your child may require further tests, such as ultrasound or X-rays. Once the staff surgeon has assessed your child, you will be referred to the Physiotherapist in the Clubfoot Program. The therapist will be responsible for your child’s weekly treatments, collaborating with the surgeon regarding your child’s progress and follow-up visits.  

The Orthopaedic Clinics and the waiting area can be extremely busy. There are often as many as six different specialty clinics running within the same area, with everyone in the same waiting room. Each clinic runs differently and therefore the wait time for patients will be different for each. Patients are called into examination rooms according to appointment times, not arrival times. Despite our best efforts, often there is a lengthy wait. Your patience and understanding with our staff is necessary and appreciated for everything to run as smoothly as possible. Remember to bring toys, books, nut-free snacks, diapers and formula to keep your child comfortable and occupied.

 If you require a follow up appointment, you will be directed to the Orthopedic booking desk, M519. Provide your child's name and an appointment will be made for you. The booking desk is at the window by the Hill Wing elevators.