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Clinicians studying rare brain tumours around the world connect through new SickKids registry (Thursday, April 28, 2016)
With the goal of accelerating and improving diagnosis and treatment strategies for children affected by these rare and often fatal tumours, a new online registry for rare paediatric brain tumours was launched. The project, known as the Rare Brain Tumour Consortium (RBTC), is led by SickKids.
Link to 20 year anniversary of telemedicine story
Celebrating 20 years of Telemedicine: How video conferencing technology is redefining the way we care, educate and collaborate at SickKids (Thursday, April 21, 2016)
The Telemedicine Program has helped evolve the way we deliver care at SickKids. The program, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, has become an integral resource for clinicians.
Link to Organ and Tissue Donation Q&A with Diana Lee
One tough conversation has the power to save eight lives (Monday, April 18, 2016)
Diana Lee, Organ and Tissue Donation Coordinator for Trillium Gift of Life Network at SickKids, has a very unique position that helps families through the difficult but meaningful decision to donate their child's organs. To gain a better understanding of her important role we sat down with Diana and asked her a few questions about this very unique job.
Link to perspective on childhood cancer stage guidelines by Dr. Sumit Gupta
Collecting better data for kids with cancer worldwide (Friday, April 8, 2016)
Dr. Sumit Gupta, Staff Oncologist at SickKids, discusses the development of new global paediatric cancer stage guidelines.
Developmental delay thumbnail
Developmental delay screening tools not beneficial, new guidelines reveal (Tuesday, March 29, 2016)
Dr. Patricia Parkin, Staff Paediatrician at SickKids, gives her perspective on developmental delay guidelines.
Link to perspective on swallowing peanuts by Dr. Blake Papsin
Peanuts for Babies!!! Stop! Wait a second! (Tuesday, March 15, 2016)
Dr. Blake Papsin, Otolaryngologist-in-Chief at SickKids, discusses exposing young children to peanuts from an Otolaryngologist's perspective.



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