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    Circumcision services by physicians from the Division of Urology

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    Expert poison advice 24 hours a day. Supporting all of Ontario.

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    Find delicious meals, gifts and specialty items at our restaurants and stores.

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    Psychology, speech and other rehab services at SickKids' new clinic in York Region

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Link to web story about photovoice
Through the eyes of teens with cancer: how a photography project helped SickKids’ teens fight cancer (Monday, September 25, 2017)
Funded by the Garron Family Cancer Centre, the seven-week Photovoice program put a point-and-shoot camera in the hands of six teenagers in cancer treatment, aged 13 to 18. The teens took photos based on themes they came up with together (strength, fear, hope, struggle and true friendship).
Link to press release on Sheena Josselyn memories study
Neuroscientists link memory fundamentals with Alzheimer’s disease in promising study (Thursday, September 21, 2017)
To acknowledge World Alzheimer’s Day, SickKids’ neuroscientists Dr. Paul Frankland and Dr. Sheena Josselyn shared their discoveries in memory research and their inspiration to erase the neurodegenerative disease.
Link to web story about the 10 year anniversary
Learning Institute celebrates a decade of excellence in education (Tuesday, September 19, 2017)
SickKids’ Learning Institute celebrates 10 years of growth and innovative learning across the organization.
Link to perspective by Charis Kelly on burn prevention
This long weekend prevent burns before they happen (Friday, August 4, 2017)
Charis Kelly, Nurse Practitioner in the Burn Program, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, gives her perspective on burn prevention and safety.
Link to perspective about the POP clinic
SickKids residents advocate for health of child refugees and newcomers (Tuesday, July 18, 2017)
Drs. Lucy Duan, Stephanie Erdle, Laura Erdman, Alisha Jamal, and Gabrielle Salmers are Paediatric Residents at SickKids and leads of the Paediatric Outpatient Program (POP) clinic. Dr. Hosanna Au is a staff paediatrician and overseeing supervisor of POP. They give their perspective on advocating for the health of child refugees and newcomers.
Link to perspective from Dr. Mike Apkon on high reliability organizations and patient safety.
Caring Safely: SickKids’ journey to becoming a high reliability organization (Thursday, June 8, 2017)
Dr. Michael Apkon, President and CEO of The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), gives his perspective on patient safety and SickKids' journey to becoming a high reliability organization.



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