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Acute Care Transport Services

What we do

The ACTS Team brings the expertise of Intensive Care to the referring institution.  With specialized training and equipment, the ACTS Team provides high-quality care to the critically ill infant or child.

Our team of Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs) have experience in newborn and paediatric intensive care and have completed extensive additional training in transport medicine.  In addition, all team members are certified in the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS), ITLS (Paediatric International Trauma Life Support) and SickKids Procedural Sedation.  In some circumstances, physicians trained in neonatal or paediatric intensive care accompany ACTS on transport.  ACTS staff maintain rigorous provincial standards through intensive orientation, continuing education and quality assurance.

Considering the distance to the referring facility and the acuity of the patient, the ACTS Team utilizes ground and air resources to ensure safe and timely transportation of their patients.  Our primary regional coverage services LHINs 5-9 and 12 with annual call volumes in excess of 1200.  ACTS also provides 24/7 backup to our region through consultation and advice to physicians in the community so their patients may be cared for closer to home.

The SickKids ACTS Team offers the following services:

  • Call taking and advice for referring hospitals
  • Attendance at high risk deliveries
  • Stabilization and transport of all unstable patients up to and including 12 years of age
    • "Unstable" patients may include:
      • Patients with a compromised airway or requiring ventilatory support
      • Patients receiving infusion(s) of inotropes/prostaglandins
      • Patients with the potential for deterioration and/or requiring multiple or complex interventions during transport

Our processes are built on two important principles: The first is providing immediate medical advice and support to the sending physician in the community. The second is timely dispatch of our team to the referral facility even before an appropriate bed has been identified. Once our transport team is dispatched, ACTS, in conjunction with Criticall, will make all transportation arrangements and will locate an appropriate bed for the patient.

The transfer of stable patients will continue to be the responsibility of the sending facility. The SickKids physician will discuss the specific situation with the sending physician and determine whether admission to SickKids or an alternate level of care is required.

To request advice and/or transport services offered through SickKids, please call 
Criticall Ontario
at 1-800-668-HELP (4357).