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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Executive Expenses

Board of Trustees
Apkon, Dr. Michael - Former President and CEO
Caldarone, Christopher - Former Surgeon-in-Chief, Chief of Perioperative Services
Cohn, Dr. Ronald - President and CEO
Friedman, Dr. Jeremy - Interim Paediatrician-in-Chief
Goldthorpe, Peter - Vice President, Transformation
Harrison, Laurie - Vice President, Finance and CFO
Huang, Lennox - Chief Medical Officer, VP of Medical and Academic Affairs
Hubley, Pam - Vice President, Education & Academic Practice and Chief International Nursing
Mainland, Jeff - Executive Vice President, Strategy, Quality, Performance & Communications
Monk, Marilyn - Executive Vice President, Clinical
Naylor, David - Former Interim President and CEO
O'Dowd, Susan - Vice President, Human Resources & Commercial Services
Sultan, Roxana - Executive Director, Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health
Salter, Dr. Michael - Chief, Research