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About Sickkids
About SickKids

How to make a request for correction of personal information

If you believe there is an error or omission in your personal information contained in a SickKids record you may request the correction of that information.

Corrections can only be made to factual information.  Subjective opinions about you may be personal information but are not factual and cannot be corrected under FIPPA.  While this type of information cannot be corrected, you are entitled to complete a Statement of Disagreement to records containing subjective opinions about you.  The Statement of Disagreement will be attached to the record and viewed by anyone accessing the record.

Correction Process:

  1. Print and complete a SickKids FOI Request form. Check the “Correction of Own Personal Information” box.  In the space available explain the reasons for your request and provide the factual information that is missing or that proves your information on file is incorrect. You should also include a description of the specific information you wish to be corrected, and the correction you would like made.   If you are unable to provide sufficient details to describe the personal information you wish to be corrected please contact the Program Manager, Freedom of Information: 416-813-7654 ext. 28014 for assistance.
  2. Mail the form to the FOI Office, attention: Program Manager, Freedom of Information.  You do not need to include the $5 processing fee for requesting a correction of your personal information.
  3. After reviewing your request, SickKids will make a decision whether or not to correct your personal information in our record(s). Once a decision is reached you will be notified in writing that the correction was made or your request was refused.  The letter will explain the decision in detail.  If your correction request is refused you will be provided with an opportunity to send a Statement of Disagreement to SickKids that will be attached to the record(s) at issue.
  4. If your correction request is granted, SickKids will delete the incorrect information and replace it with the correct information as you requested.  
  5. If your correction request is refused SickKids will attach an annotated version of your request and/or your Statement of Disagreement to the records at issue, but the original record(s) containing your personal information will remain unchanged.
  6. If you are not satisfied with SickKids’ decision to refuse a correction of your personal information you have thirty (30) days from the date of SickKids’ decision letter to request a review by Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner.