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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Khosrow Adeli, PhD, FCACB, DABCC, FACB

The Hospital for Sick Children
Division Head
Clinical Biochemistry

Research Institute
Senior Associate Scientist
Molecular Medicine

University of Toronto
Departments of Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine & Pathology

Phone: 416-813-8682
Fax: 416-813-6257
Email: khosrow.adeli@sickkids.ca

For more information, visit: Adeli Lab and www.caliperproject.ca

Research Interests

  • Molecular mechanisms of dyslipidemia
  • Lipoprotein metabolism
  • ApoB gene expression
  • Animal models of obesity and insulin resistance
  • Hyperlipidemia in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes

Research activities

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Lipoprotein Metabolism in Insulin-Resistant States such as Obesity and Diabetes, and the link with Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. Adeli has been actively involved in both basic and clinical laboratory research since 1988 and has published over 200 articles and abstracts to date. His basic research program is focused on the link between insulin resistant diabetes and dysregulation of lipoprotein metabolism. His group has been elucidating the molecular mechanisms linking diet-induced insulin resistance and metabolic dyslipidemia. His laboratory is employing animal models of insulin resistance to investigate the molecular mechanisms mediating the diabetogenic effect of fructose-rich diets, mechanisms of fructose-induced hepatic insulin resistance, and pathways leading to hepatic and intestinal lipogenesis and lipoprotein dysregulation.

Development of a Paediatric Reference Interval Database for Disease Biomarkers

Dr. Adeli has also been spearheading a national initiative in collaboration with other pediatric health centres across Canada to establish a comprehensive database of pediatric reference intervals for laboratory biomarkers of pediatric disease. The new database will improve the clinical assessment, diagnosis, and monitoring of children and adolescents presenting with various medical concerns. The database has already been partially established and is available on the CALIPER project website (www.caliperproject.ca) as well as via a smartphone application on the Apple Store.



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