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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Steven Berdock

The Hospital for Sick Children
Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

University of Toronto
Assistant Professor
Department of Anaesthesia

Brief Biography

Dr. Berdock is a paediatric anaesthesiologist who has worked at The Hospital for Sick Children for 14 years. Dr. Berdock is the Director of Clinical Services at The Hospital for Sick Children and, as such, is responsible for the organization and delivery of anaesthetic care throughout the hospital on a daily basis. Dr. Berdock functions at a high level on the Operating Room Executive Committee. He is the resident expert with respect to issues regarding Operating Room team staffing, recruitment and retention, and appropriate clinical response after hours. He is actively involved in anaesthesia resident and fellow teaching and has been a postgraduate examiner for the Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto for the past seven years. His special interests are cardiac and transplantation surgery. Dr. Berdock is currently involved in several studies. The operating theatres are ideal locations for clinical trials. Dr. Berdock has become the facilitator for the outside investigators who wish to conduct trials in the Operating Room setting.