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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Alison Dodds, RN, Dip’ Child Health, Dip’ Nursing Science, BScN

The Hospital for Sick Children
Project Manager for Staff Development, retention and recruitment. General Duty RN

Phone: 416-813-7654 ext. 2667
Fax: 416-813-8273
Email: alison.dodds@sickkids.ca

Brief Biography

Alison is currently employed as Project Manager for Staff Development, Recruitment and Retention within the Hospital for Sick Children. Concurrently Alison also works within the pediatric Critical Care Unit and has held a Pediatric Critical Care nursing position for the past 10 years. Alison studied for her RN and Diploma in child health within the U.K and completed her BscN at Southbank University, London, U.K. Previously Alison has held nurse education positions within Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Units in Saudi Arabia and England. Alison’s other areas of interest include mentorship, pain and sedation and withdrawal.

Activities & Interests
Alison is a member of the Critical Care Pain group and is involved within a quality improvement venture for the management of post operative pain and sedation within the CCU. Alison also teaches within the curriculum for new staff nurses to the Critical Care Unit.

Alison is a member of Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, the Canadian Nurses Association, Paediatric Cardiac Nurses Association U.K.

Clinical Care Activities 

Alison brings clinical expertise in the area of paediatric cardiac nursing, having successfully completed a Paediatric Cardiothoracic Nurse Specialist Course in partnership with Southbank University, London, U.K and Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, U.K in 1998. Alison also successfully completed a teaching and assessment course coordinated by the English National Board of Nurses, which will benefit her position as Project Manager.


May 2006 Received Grace Evelyn Simpson Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice.

Nov 2005 Involved in the filming of a documentary ‘The history of nursing at HSC’.

June 2005 Presented at the Pharmacy conference at HSC, a pain and Sedation algorithm for postoperative surgical and cardiac Patients within the CCU.

April 2005 Awarded Nursing Clinical Teaching Unit, Nursing Fellowship.

July 2005 Proposal subject: ‘Mentorship pilot scheme for the CCU.

Oct 2004 Presented at the CACCN Conference “Ketorolac: Is there a place for it within the PICU?”

July 2004 Developed Pain/Sedation Algorithm for Cardiac/Medical surgical population within CCU in Collaboration with co-workers.

March 2004 Developed Mentorship Guidelines for PICU/HSC in collaboration with co- workers.

Jun 2002 Involved in a recruitment program for PICU.

May 2002 Received Grace Evelyn Simpson Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice.

Apr 2002 Presented “Weaning Protocol” at the ‘Evolutions in Critical Care’ Conference in Toronto.

Feb 2002 Developed protocol for weaning opioids and benzodiazepines in the PICU.

Dec 2001 Wrote the article “Analgesia in Neonates after cardiac surgery”, which was published in the Canadian Critical Care supplement.

May 2001 Presented “Cardiac Guidelines” at the Toronto Cardiology Conference.

Apr 2001 Developed guidelines in collaboration with the cardiac resource nurse group regarding the nursing management of the cardiac defects.