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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Alejandro Floh, MD, FRCPC, MSc.

The Hospital for Sick Children
Staff Physician
Cardiac Critical Care

Research Institute
Project Investigator
Research Institute

Phone: 416-813-7654 X203282
Fax: 416-813-7299
Email: alejandro.floh@sickkids.ca
Alternate Contact: Sheila Mondonedo
Alternate Email: Sheila.mondonedo@sickkids.ca

Brief Biography

Dr. Floh graduated from the University of Toronto medical school in 2001 before commencing paediatric training in the McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton.   He returned to The Hospital for Sick Children for fellowship training in paediatric cardiology and paediatric critical care medicine, earning accreditation through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in both disciplines. Dr. Floh pursued further research training, being awarded the Harris-Kassie research fellowship, through the Labatt Family Heart Centre, and enrolling into a Masters degree in epidemiology through the Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation Institute at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Floh joined the Department of Critical Care Medicine July 2013 and is a staff physician with the Department..  His clinical responsibilities include attending in the cardiac critical care unit and as a physician member of the Single Ventricle team.  His research has focused primarily on the study of the pathophysiology of children following bypass heart surgery and their related outcomes.  He has worked closely with Dr. Steven Schwartz investigating the role of sugar, inflammation, cardiac output and nutrition in surgical outcomes.  His Masters thesis also explores the role of inflammation and cardiac output on acute kidney injury in these susceptible children.

Academic Background

2011 – 2014 Master in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research
Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation: University of Toronto, Ontario

2013 Pediatric Bronchoscopy, European Respiratory Society, Paris, France

2010 – 2012 Harris-Kassie Research Fellow, Labatt Heart Centre: The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario

2008 – 2010 Department of Critical Care Medicine: The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario

2005 – 2008 Department of Cardiology: The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario

2001 – 2005 Department of Pediatrics: McMaster University Medical Center; Chief resident throughout third year, Hamilton, Ontario

1997 – 2001 Doctor of Medicine, Honours, University of Toronto, Ontario

1994 – 1997 Bachelor of Sciences, High Distinction, University of Toronto, Ontario


2010  Harris-Kassie Research Fellowship
2009  John Edmond Teaching Award
2004  Pediatric Resident of the Year – St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario
2000  Walter F. Watkins Scholarship
2000  Dr. Allan E. Gross Scholarship
1997  University of Toronto Scholarship


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