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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Heather Jones, MN, RN(EC)

The Hospital for Sick Children
Nurse Practitioner, Paediatrics

Phone: 416-813-7499 ext. 3
Fax: 416-813-5574

Brief Biography

Heather Jones is an Advanced Practice Nurse with the Leukemia/Lymphoma Section in the Division of Haematology/Oncology. Heather's clinical focus is on supportive care and symptom management, as well as providing collaborative care to children and families coping with the devastating diagnosis of a malignant disease. Heather obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Toronto in 1990. She worked in various roles within the Haematology/Oncology Program since that time. In 2002, Heather successfully completed her graduate degree in Nursing, at the University of Toronto, in the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner specialty. Heather is a member of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, the Association of Pediatric Oncology Nurses, the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario and the international study group the Children’s Oncology Group.

Clinical Activities

Heather currently works as an Advanced Practice Nurse in the Outpatient Haematology/Oncology Clinic. She works primarily with children and adolescents with a diagnosis of leukemia or lymphoma, and their families. Heather has focused her practice on adolescents and high risk families, identified in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team, who would benefit from the continuity of care provided by a nurse practitioner. In 2007 Heather co-founded the Leukemia Follow-Up Clinic, one of the first nurse practitioner led clinics in the hospital. This clinic focuses on the care of children and their families who are recently off active treatment. The goal of this clinic is to help families move from active care to normal living with a focus on healthy lifestyles as well as prevention and monitoring of late effects.

From 1999 to 2007, Heather was actively involved as a Board Member for Camp Oochigeas, a summer camp for children with cancer. Heather was instrumental in facilitating the camp’s initiative to refocus their efforts on children on active treatment. This endeavor was met with great success and has given children, who desperately need it, a chance to be kids again through a summer camp experience. Heather served as the Chair of the Board from 2003 to 2005 and helped the organization move through the completion of a successful capital campaign and the opening of its own site. Heather continues to act as a consultant to Camp Oochigeas as well as other similar organizations.

Research Interests

Heather is a keen supporter of research initiatives within the field of paediatric oncology. Heather's research interests have included sleep and fatigue, neurocognitive late effects and psychosocial needs in children with cancer and their families. She has collaborated with nursing colleagues within Sickkids and North America on a number of studies on sleep and fatigue. Heather is an active collaborator on a number of supportive care studies within the program. She and her colleagues recently completed a qualitative study exploring the experiences of parents when their child completes active therapy. Heather received the 2007 Grace Evelyn Simpson Reeves Award for Excellence in Nursing Research.


2007- Grace Evelyn Simpson Reeves Award for Excellence in Nursing Research


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