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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Seema Mital, MD, FACC, FAHA, FRCP(C)

The Hospital for Sick Children
Head of Cardiovascular Research

Staff Cardiologist - Heart Function and Transplant Program

Research Institute
Senior Scientist
Genetics & Genome Biology

University of Toronto

Chair Positions
Heart and Stroke Foundation
Chair in Cardiovascular Science

Phone: 416-813-7418
Fax: 416-813-5857
Email: seema.mital@sickkids.ca
Alternate Contact: Shreya Shah
Alternate Phone: 416-813-7654 x 204055
Alternate Email: shreya.shah@sickkids.ca

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Brief Biography

Dr. Seema Mital received a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery in 1989 from Bombay University. She completed her paediatric residency at Wayne State University in 1996 and a fellowship in paediatric cardiology in 1999 from Columbia University in New York. Mital served as Assistant Professor at Columbia University, Morgan-Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York, until 2007 when she joined SickKids as a Staff Cardiologist. She is currently Head of Cardiovascular Research and Interim Section Head of Heart Failure at SickKids, Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Toronto and a Senior Scientist at the SickKids Research Institute. She is also the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Chair of Cardiovascular Science, and the Scientific Co-Lead of the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research.

Mital has a strong translational research program. She has extensive experience in the genetics/genomics of congenital heart disease and heart failure, personalized medicine and clinical trials. She established the SickKids Heart Centre Biobank, a multi-centre biorepository of children and adults with childhood onset heart disease for genomics research, one of the largest international repositories of its kind. She is the Scientific Co-lead of the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research Cardiac Precision Medicine Program established in November 2014. Her research interests include genomics, pharmacogenomics and stem cell applications to model childhood heart disease and discover new therapies.

Mital is active nationally and internationally. She is a Principal Investigator of the CIHR-funded Canadian National Transplant Research Program, and the NIH-funded Pediatric Heart Network. She serves on the Leadership Committee of the Functional Genomics and Translational Biology Council of the American Heart Association, American Heart Association National Peer Review Steering Committee, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Research Advisory Committee. She is the incoming Vice-Chair of the American Heart Association Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young. She is the Section Editor (Cardiology) for Pediatric Research.

Clinical Care Activities

  • Paediatric heart failure and heart transplantation

Research Interests

  • Next Generation Sequencing to study the genetic and environmental basis of congenital heart disease and cardiomyopathies in children and adults
  • Cardiac precision medicine and pharmacogenetic and personalized medicine approaches in children with heart disease
  • Stem cell regulation in cardiac malformations and use of reprogrammed human induced pluripotent stem cells for disease modeling and drug discovery
  • Molecular basis of right ventricular adaptation and failure
  • Clinical trials in childhood heart disease

Research Activities and Funding

  • iPS cells to model vascular disease in patients with Williams-Beuren syndrome, CIHR (Co-PI)
  • Canadian National Transplant Research Program: Increasing Donation and Improving Transplantation Outcomes, CIHR Program Grant (Co-PI, and Project Lead).
  • NIH/NLHBI Pediatric Heart Network, NIH (Co-PI)
  • Novel approaches to the prediction, diagnosis and treatment of cardiac late effects in survivors of childhood cancer, CIHR Team grant (Co-PI and Genomics Lead)
  • Mechanistic interrogation of bicuspid aortic valve-associated aortopathy, Leducq Foundation Network Grant (Co-PI)
  • Exome sequencing for RV remodeling after tetralogy of Fallot repair. HSFC Research Fellowship Award to Manickaraj AK (Supervisor)
  • Non-invasive monitoring of pediatric kidney allograft injury to improve diagnosis and patient outcomes, CIHR (Co-inv)
  • A pharmacogenetic trial of tacrolimus after paediatric transplantation, SickKids TRMC Catalyst Grant (PI)
  • Zebrafish and Human iPS cell Modeling of Cardiac Regeneration: Phenotype to Therapeutics. SickKids TRMC Catalyst Grant (Co-PI)
  • Ted Rogers Cardiac Precision Medicine Program, Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research (Scientific Co-Lead)


Leadership, Committees, Awards

  • 2001-2011 Steering Committee Member, NIH/NHLBI Pediatric Heart Network
  • 2004-2010 Editorial Board of Reviewers, Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology
  • 2005-2011 Executive Committee Member, Section of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • 2004-2010 Editorial Board of Reviewers, Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 2011 Chair, NHLBI Pediatric Heart Network Biospecimens Committee
  • 2011-2016 Leadership Committee Member, American Heart Association Functional Genomics and Translational Biology Council (CVDY Liaison)
  • 2011-present Clinical Investigation – D, CIHR Grant Review Committee member
  • 2011 Section Editor, Cardiology, Pediatric Research
  • 2011 Associate Editor, Congenital Heart Disease Journal
  • 2013 Member, Adult Congenital and Pediatric Cardiology Council, American College of Cardiology
  • 2013-NIH Working Group Member, New Targets for Heart Failure in Children
  • 2013-2014 Member, American Heart Association Science Advisory and Coordinating Committee (SACC)
  • 2014-2021 Executive Committee, Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research
  • 2014-2016 Member, American Heart Association National Peer Review Steering Committee
  • 2014-2016 Member, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Research Advisory Committee
  • 2015 American Heart Association Spring - Collaborative Science Award Committee
  • 2014-2015 Member, American Heart Association Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young Nominating Committee
  • 2015-2017 Vice-Chair, American Heart Association Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young

Trainee awards (Supervisor Mital)

  • Young Investigator Award, Basic Research in Cardiology, American Academy of Pediatrics 2002, 2003, 2007
  • APS-SPR Student Research Award 2007
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Research Fellowship Award 2013-15
  • 2014 Douglas Davidson Scholarship in Genetics, University Senate Scholarship 2014
  • SickKids Summer Research Program Poster Presentation Awards 2010, 2015
  • Outstanding abstract, Global Cardio-oncology Meeting 2015


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A detailed list of Dr. Mital's publications is available on PubMed.