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About SickKids


The Hospital for Sick Children
Director, Sleep Medicine
Respiratory Medicine

Staff Respirologist
Respiratory Medicine

Research Institute
Associate Scientist
Physiology & Experimental Medicine

University of Toronto
Assistant Professor

Phone: 416-813-6346
Fax: 416-813-6246
e-mail: indra.narang@sickkids.ca

Brief Biography

Dr. Indra Narang completed medical school and pediatric training in England, U.K. She completed a pulmonary fellowship program between London, UK and SickKids, Toronto. Dr. Narang has also undertaken a 3-year clinical research project in pediatric pulmonology for which she was awarded her doctorate of medicine. Following this, Dr Narang undertook training in paediatric sleep medicine at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA. 

Dr. Narang was working as a staff pulmonologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London prior to her appointment in Toronto.

Clinical Care Activities

  • Paediatric Pulmonology
  • Sleep disordered breathing in children
  • Childhood narcolepsy
  • Non-invasive ventilation

Research Interests

  1. Sleep disordered breathing in children
  2. Respiratory outcomes following preterm birth

Dr Narang's current research focuses on the cardiovascular consequences of childhood sleep disorders. Specifically, she is examining whether the treatment of obesity related sleep apnea is associated with a reduction in cardiovascular morbidity. This is important as the early diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea may improve long term cardiac health as children enter adulthood. Further research interests include the evaluation of the impact of opioid treatment in the control of breathing and predisposition to sleep apnea.


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