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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Hiroshi Otsubo, MD

The Hospital for Sick Children
Director, Neurophysiology Lab

University of Toronto
Associate Professor

Phone: 416-813-7855
Fax: 416-813-6334
Email: hiroshi.otsubo@sickkids.ca

Brief Biography

Dr. Otsubo is the Director of Operations for the Neurophysiology Laboratory in the Division of Neurology, HSC. He is also a project director in the hospital’s Research Institute and Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics, University of Toronto. Dr. Otsubo joined the Division of Neurology in 1989 as a Research Fellow and joined the full time staff in 1994 as Technical Director of the Neurophysiology Laboratory. Dr. Otsubo received his MD from the Shinshu University School of Medicine in Japan in 1983 and received his Canadian Board Certification in Electroencephalography in 1991. He is also a member of the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology.

Areas of Specialty:

Academic Background

Shinshu University, School of Medicine, 1977-09-01 - 1983-06-01

Research Interests

  • wavelet analysis for neonatal electroencephalographic seizures
  • significance of ear plugging in localization-related epilepsy
  • cortical dysplastic lesions in children with intractable epilepsy: role of complete neurosurgical resection
  • localization of auditory cortex in children using MEG: Source modeling issues

Research Activities


Future Research Interests

Electromagnetic brain activity


July 2002 - 2nd prize in the young investigator’s competition at the 4th Annual Meeting for the International Society for Bioelectromagnetism.
Pang EW, Hunjan A, Sharma R, Holowka S, Otsubo H. Auditory M100 in children: Developmental changes reflected in the tangential neural source.

Sept. 2001, WADA award, by Japan Epilepsy Society Meeting
Ochi, A, Otsubo, H, Chitoku, S, Hunjan, A, Sharma, R, Rutka, JT, Chuang, SH, Yamakazi, T, Snead, OC. Dipole Localization for Identification of Neuronal Generators in Independent Neighboring Interictal EEG Spike Foci. Epilepsia, 2001; 42(4): 483-490.

May 1999 - Magna Cum Laude Citation Award. Blaser SI, Jay V, Otsubo H, Chuang SC. Disorders of cortical formation: pathologic correlation. American Society of Neuroradiology, San Diego, California, May 23-28, 1999.


Chitoku S, Otsubo H, Ichimura T, Saigusa T, Ochi A, Shirasawa A, Kamijo K, Yamazaki T, Pang E, Rutka JT, Snead OC III. Dipole analysis using averaged spikes: A comparison of intractable extratemporal lobe epilepsy with benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes. Brain and Development 2003;25(1): 14-21.

Mackay MT, Becker LE, Chuang SH, Otsubo H, Chuang NA, Rutka JT, Ben-Zeev B, Snead OC III, Weiss SK. Malformation of cortical development with balloon cells; clinical and radiological correaltes win children. Neurology 2003;60(4): 580-586.

Oishi M, Otsubo H, Kameyama S, Wachi M, Tanaka K, Masuda H, Tanaka R. Magnetoencephalographic epileptiform discharges from visual hallucinations of status epilepticus. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 2003;74:525-7.

Xiang J, Holowka S, Sharma R, Hunjan A, Otsubo H, Chuang S. Volumetric localization of somatosensory cortex in children using synthetic aperture magnetometry. Pediatr Radiol 2003;33:321-7.

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Chitoku S, Otsubo H, Harada Y, Jay V, Rutka JT, Weiss SK, Elliott I, Ochi A, Kitayama, M, Snead, OC III. Characteristics of prolonged after discharge: Children with malformations of cortical development. Journal of Child Neurology 2003;18:247-253.

Onal C, Otsubo H, Araki T, Chitoku S, Ochi A, Weiss S, Logan W, Elliott I, Snead OC III, Rutka JT. Complications of invasive subdural grid monitoring in children with epilepsy. Journal of Neurosurgery 2003;98:1017-26.

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