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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Lawrence Roy, MD

The Hospital for Sick Children
Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

University of Toronto
Associate Professor
Department of Anaesthesia

Chair Positions

Medical Advisory Committee (HSC)

Phone: 416-813-7445
Fax: 416-813-7543
Email: lawrence.roy@sickkids.ca

Brief Biography

Dr. W. Lawrence Roy is a pediatric anesthesiologist who has been on staff at the Hospital for Sick Children since 1980.  After eleven years as Chief of the Department of Anesthesia (The Hospital for Sick Children) Dr. Roy relinquished this position.  During his time as Anesthesiologist-in-Chief, Dr Roy served as Chairman of Medical Advisory Committee (The Hospital for Sick Children).  Dr. Roy was a member of the Board of Trustees (The Hospital for Sick Children) 2002 - 2006.  Dr Roy is currently the Vice President of Medical and Academic Affairs (interim) at SickKids.

Dr. Roy is a graduate of Dalhousie University, Faculty of Medicine in 1972. Following completion of his medical training he provided care as a family physician in Muskoka (Gravenhurst/Bracebridge) until 1975.  He completed his anesthesia residency training at the University of Toronto from 1975-79 and his fellowship training in pediatric anesthesia at HSC from 1979-1980.

Major clinical initiatives include:  development of offsite anesthesia for children; expansion of anesthetic services for procedural pain (lumbar punctures and intrathecal administration of chemotherapy and anesthesia for radiation therapy at both Princess Margaret Hospital and Bayview Cancer Treatment Centre).  Dr. Roy sponsored the development of the Divisional Centre of Pain Management and Pain Research and continues to champion the development of the Centre of Excellence for Pain Management and Research at SickKids.  

Dr. Roy has chaired the Hospital Quality Management Committee, and has served on the patient Care Committee of the hospital.  He has also been director of both the anesthesia residents’ and fellows’ programs within the Department of Anesthesia – SickKids.

Current subjects of interest include information management, preoperative assessment, sedation for painful procedures and quality improvement.  Dr. Roy has been an invited speaker at many North American academic institutions.

Dr Larry Roy’s CV includes 21 publications, 19 abstracts and 93 presentations at national and international meetings and 18 visiting professorships/invited lectures.  

He served as Chair of Section on Pediatric Anesthesia, and was a former president of the Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Society.  Much of his time has been spent nurturing the development of a community of pediatric anesthesiologists in Canada.  He has hosted the Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Society biennial conference held in Toronto since 1999. The National Pediatric Anesthesia Telehealth Rounds (a live telecast forum, hosted at SickKids with participants from all children’s hospitals across the country) was established by Dr. Roy.

As a Clinical Teacher at the University of Toronto, he established Problem Based Learning Seminars for the Department of Anesthesia, The Hospital for Sick Children.  

Larry and Madeline Hargreaves Roy raised four children and now watch over their four grandchildren.  They enjoy an active lifestyle with their family.