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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Margot Taylor, PhD

The Hospital for Sick Children
Director of Functional Neuroimaging
Diagnostic Imaging

Research Institute
Senior Scientist
Neurosciences & Mental Health

University of Toronto
Professor of Medical Imaging
Depts. of Paediatrics and Psychology

Phone: 416-813-7654, ext. 306321
Fax: 416-813-7362
Email: margot.taylor@sickkids.ca
Alternate Contact: Patricia Ramos
Alternate Phone: 416-813-5175
Alternate Email: patricia.ramos@sickkids.ca

Research Interests

  • frontal lobe and executive function development
  • effect of emotions on face processing and attention
  • neuroimaging in preterm neonates and prediction of outcome

Research Activities

Dr. Taylor research investigates the neural bases of cognitive development. Areas of study include development of frontal lobe or executive functions and social cognition using various protocols adapted for children. Current studies use functional MRI and MEG, as well as structural MRI, and include normative series and clinical populations (children with autism and children born very preterm. The research will determine the neural bases, temporal and spatial aspects of the development of abilities, including emotional recognition, working memory, inhibition, set-shifting, and how these cognitive skills emerge with typical and atypical development. Dr. Taylor's research also involves following very preterm born infants from birth to determine the impact of very early brain development on later cognitive outcome.

External Funding

Understanding the thoughts and emotions of others: neuroimaging measures of typical and atypical development.  Taylor, M.J., Pang, E.W., Smith, M.L., Anagnostou, E.  CIHR-BSB 2015-2020.  5yr grant.  1st year $129,703 (total $648,513).

Longitudinal follow-up study of a military PTSD patient cohort using magnetoencephalography. Taylor, M.J., Pang, E.W., Dunkley, B.T.  CIMVHR, 2015-2017, total  $270,810.91

Cognitive functions in children born very preterm; relation to brain structure and function from birth through childhood.  Taylor, M.J., Sled, J.G., Whyte, H.E., Miller, S.P., Shroff, M.M., Smith, M.L. CIHR-BSC, 2014-2019.  5yr grant, 1st year $164,340 (total $821,701).

Neonatal intensive care and brain development of the preterm neonate.  CoPIs: Miller, S.P., Grunau, R., Taylor, M.J., Co-Applicants: Synnes, A., Ly, L., Poskitt, K., Brant, R., Sled, J.G. Whyte, H.E. CIHR-CHI 2014-2020.  6yr grant, 1st year $184,036 (total: $1,104,216).

Typical and atypical development of frontal lobe systems and the maturation of social cognitive function.  Taylor, M.J., Pang, E.W., Doesburg, S., Anagnostou, E.  CIHR BSC, jan 2012-2017; 5-yr grant, 1st year: $151,692 (total $766,896).

Application of non-invasive magnetoencephalography (MEG) for objective assessment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) A Pilot Study.  Taylor, M.J., Pang, E.W.  DRDC, August 2012 - Dec. 2013.  $248,340

Working memory in children with autism.  Taylor, M.J., Smith, M.L., Lerch, J.P., Anagnostou, E.  CIHR CHI, 2010-2015,  1st year: $132,064; total :$ 660,318.

Typical and atypical development of frontal lobe systems and the maturation of social cognitive function. Taylor, M.J., Pang, E.W., Doesburg, S., Anagnostou, E. . CIHR BSC, jan 2012-2016; 5-yr grant application, 1st year: $151,692 (total $766,896).

Application of Non-invasive Magnetoencephalography (MEG) for Objective Assessment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): A Pilot Study. Taylor, M.J., Pang, E.W  DRDC, 2012 - 2013.  $248,340

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
Predicting Neurobehavioural outcome in preterm neonates.
Taylor MJ, Whyte H, Moore A, Shroff M, Raybaud C, Donner EJ, Frisk V. 2008-2012CIHR CHI, 2008-2012.  $185,962 1st year, for a 5-year grant (total $929,129)

Centre for the Investigation of Neuroplasticity and Developmental Disorders. Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI).
Snead OC, Taylor MJ, Salter M, Josselyn S, Westall C, Dennis M, Tannock R, Sled J, Cheyne D, Campbell M. 2006-2011.

Developmental investigation of memory capacity using functional neuroimaging. 
NSERC Discovery Grant, Taylor, MJ.  2009-2014, Total:  $150,000; $30,000/yr .



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