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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Ben Vozzolo, M.Sc., MBA

Brief Biography

Ben has been the Director of Operations in the Department of Paediatrics at The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto since 2006.  Previous to this, he was the Director of Operations at the Cardiac Care Network of Ontario, a provincial network established to monitor and coordinate the delivery of Cardiac Care in Ontario.  Ben was responsible for the HR, finance and business planning functions of the organization. Ben received a master’s degree in Physiology from the University of Western Ontario in 1994 and an MBA (specialty in Health Services Management) from McMaster University in 1997. He has been a member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders since 2003.

Ben is responsible for the overall management of the department’s Alternate Funding Plan and provides leadership for the administrative infrastructure of the department. Ben also acts as the Business Officer for the University of Toronto’s Department of Paediatrics.