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About Sickkids
About SickKids



  • The first children’s Orthopaedic Shop is opened at SickKids to provide splints, braces and other specially designed prosthetic appliances.


  • The first school for children in a hospital is established with one teacher on staff. (Today, we have 20 full-time teachers from the Toronto Board of Education on staff.)


  • John Ross Robertson, founder of the Evening Telegram and hospital trustee takes the hospital out of little houses and moves it into the biggest and best children's hospital of its time. The new hospital on College street opens 1891.


  • SickKids School of Nursing is established.


  • Lakeside Home is established on Toronto Island as a fresh air sanitarium for patients to enjoy during the summer months.


  • A group of Toronto women led by Elizabeth McMaster rent an 11-room house in downtown Toronto for $320 a year, set up six iron cots and declare open a hospital "for the admission and treatment of all sick children." On April 3, Maggie, a scalding victim, becomes Sick Kids' very first patient. SickKids had been officially open for one month.