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About Sickkids
About SickKids



  • The polio epidemic hits. SickKids workshop staff manufacture more than 30 iron lungs for use throughout Ontario. Medical and nursing staff organize temporary treatment centres.


  • Dr. John Ross studies lead poisoning in children, resulting in the prohibition of lead pigments in paints on children's toys and furniture.
  • Dr. Alan Brown is named the first Professor of Paediatrics in the newly-established Department of Paediatrics at the University of Toronto.


  • Doctors Fred Tisdall and Theo Drake, working with the National Dairy Council demonstrate the value of enriching milk with vitamin D.


  • Dr. Gar Hamblin develops the Hospital's first "premature ambulance," a small wooden box with a mattress suspended in a wire basket over a hot water tank. It travels by taxi.
  • Nutritional research by Drs. Alan Brown, Fred Tisdall and Theo Drake leads to the development of a new quick-to-prepare, low cost cereal that later becomes famous the world over as Pablum. The goal is improved nutrition. Also being developed at this time are Sunwheat Biscuits, a high-nutrition biscuit, and enriched bread.