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About Sickkids
About SickKids



  • The SickKids Foundation, now one of the largest in Canada, is established to raise money for the "betterment of the health of children."
  • Canada's first transplant operation where a kidney from a living donor was given to a child took place at SickKids.


  • First hospital rooftop heliport opens for emergency transfer of patients by helicopter to any of the downtown Toronto hospitals.
  • Canada's first bone marrow transplant program began at SickKids. Today, SickKids has one of the two largest centres for bone marrow transplants in North America, with approximately 75 transplants performed each year.
  • 1972-present SickKids initiated improvements in the treatment of cystic fibrosis that have resulted in patients having the best survival rates in the world with an average life span of 30 years.


  • Canada's first successful surgical separation of conjoined twins takes place at SickKids. Dr. B. Shandling led the team. There have been five surgical separations since then.


  • Kathy W. becomes the Hospital's first kidney transplant patient. In 1995, the 500th transplant at SickKids was performed.
  • SickKids opens an "outer out-patient clinic" in Sioux Lookout to care for Northern Ontario children.


  • Researchers develop a lab procedure that cuts the time required to diagnose whooping cough from five days to 30 minutes.


  • One of the first intensive care units in North America for the exclusive use of newborns is established.


  • Surgery to correct transposition of the great arteries of the heart, the birth defect of "blue babies," is pioneered by Dr. William Mustard. The procedure was called the "Mustard Procedure."


  • Innominate osteotomy, a surgical procedure to repair congenital dislocation of the hips, is first performed by Dr. Robert Salter.


  • The Research Institute is formally established.


  • A heart-lung machine is developed by SickKids physicians Lawrence Chute, William Mustard and John Keith along with Campbell Cowan, Banting Institute.
  • On February 4 the hospital moves to its current location at 555 University Avenue.