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About Sickkids
About SickKids

August 11, 2010

SickKids shines in CIHR competition

In an era where research grants are increasingly difficult to get, SickKids continues to shine.

SickKids researchers were awarded 20 grants (out of 66 applications) in the latest Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) operating grants competition. That's a success rate of 30 per cent, compared to the 17 per cent national average. Most impressively however was that six of the SickKids grants were ranked number one by the committees who reviewed them. 

“In every CIHR competition, we have highly ranked grants, but this competition, we outdid ourselves with so many number one ranked grants,” says Dr. Janet Rossant, Chief of Research. “Our researchers continue to uphold an exceptional standard of scientific research and discovery.”

Twelve new grants and eight renewal grants were funded by CIHR at SickKids in the competition. The six grants which received the top ranking were:

  • Dr. Benjamin Alman, more than $720,000 over five years for research on osteoarthritis
  • Dr. Brian Kavanagh, more than $600,000 over five years for research on preventing lung injury in ICU patients
  • Dr. Chris Parshuram, more than $3 million over four years for a clinical trial on a bedside paediatric early warning system.
  • Dr. Janet Rossant, more than $1 million over five years for stem cell research
  • Dr. Margot Taylor, more than $650,000 over five years to study memory in children with autism spectrum disorder
  • Dr. Carol Westall, close to $550,000 over five years to study vision loss in children with diabetes

In addition, Dr. Deborah O’Connor was the co-principal investigator, along with a researcher at St. Michael’s Hospital, on a three-year grant on the effects of prenatal folate on newborns. This grant also ranked number one in its review committee.

Last year, SickKids researchers received more than $73 million from a variety of sources to fund operating grants. 

For more information on the CIHR operating grants competition, visit the CIHR website.