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About Sickkids
About SickKids

May 28, 2010

SickKids welcomes the First Lady of Mexico

Today, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) received a very special visit from Licenciada Margarita Zavala, First Lady of Mexico. The First Lady was joined by Mrs. Hortensia Olivas de Barrio, wife of the Mexican Ambassador, and Lic. Isabel Aguilera de Sabines, wife of the Governor of the State of Chiapas.

Constance Sugiyama, Chair of the Board of Trustees at SickKids, welcomed Lic. Zavala and her delegation with a greeting party made up of researchers and other SickKids staff. Sugiyama led a tour, beginning with a brief introduction to SickKids and an explanation of the Slaight Family Atrium and its open-concept architecture. The group toured the Cardiac Diagnostic & Interventional Unit before heading over to Marnie’s Lounge where Lic. Zavala graciously signed the SickKids Guest Book.

Lic. Zavala demonstrates a passion for strengthening families in Mexico, where she is the president of an advisory board for Integral Development of the Family. Marilyn Monk, Vice-President of Clinical Programs at SickKids, alongside Bonnie Fleming-Carroll, Associate Chief of Nursing and Inter-Professional Education at SickKids, took the opportunity to discuss the concept of family-centred care and how Marnie’s Lounge plays an important role in the life of a child. As a former practicing lawyer and legal counsellor, Lic. Zavala was very interested in health equity and how the Family Legal Health Program assists families with these challenges.

The visit concluded on the University Avenue front lawn where hundreds of children, families and Torontonians were participating in Herbie Day celebrations. The group was greeted by Dr. James Wright, Surgeon-in-Chief and Chief of Perioperative Services at SickKids, and Lydia Sharpe, President of the Herbie Fund, who provided background information on the event. Since 1979, the Herbie Fund has helped four patients from Mexico, most recently in January 2010.